Solid State Relays (SSR) HS series.
Another innovative product in the LOVATO range.

Solid State Relays (SSRs) have been added to the wide range of products offered in the LOVATO Electric catalogue. These devices represent a modern and reliable solution for controlling electrical loads in many industrial applications.

What is a Solid State Relay?

Solid state relays are electronic devices that control electrical loads via semiconductors. Since they have no moving parts, this technology offers numerous advantages such as a longer functional life, rapid operation and the possibility of a very high ON/OFF frequency.

Introduction to Our Range of Solid State Relays

Our range of solid-state relays is designed with the highest precision and reliability to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. Particularly suitable for controlling resistive loads, they are also suitable for controlling inductive loads such as solenoid valves and small electric motors.

One of the main fields of application for SSRs is in ‘food and beverage’ machines, i.e. equipment for the food industry such as ovens, fryers, dishwashers, etc.; they are also commonly used in packaging and wrapping machines, plastic moulding machines, air conditioning and for all applications where the control of heating resistors is necessary.

Why Choose LOVATO Electric Solid State Relays?

LOVATO Electric’s range of solid state relays covers current ratings from 15A to 130A. SSRs are manufactured in various types, in versions with and without a heat sink. The smallest, called mini SSR, has a rated current of 25A for single-phase loads up to 280VAC, measures only 20x20mm and is equipped with faston terminals. The colloquially called ‘hockey-puck’ shape covers currents from 25A to 130A for loads with voltages from 280VAC up to 600VAC. This type is available in single-phase and two-phase versions. Then there are versions with an integrated heatsink, the single-phase version of which is only 18mm wide for currents of 20A, 25A and 30A. Also available in the products with integrated heatsink are three-phase versions with either 2 or 3 controlled phases. The maximum current of the heatsink versions is 60A for load voltages up to 600V. The codes with heatsink are cULus certified while the others, depending on type, are cURus, CSA and VDE certified. The fixing of the versions without heatsink is by screw, while those with heatsink are for mounting on DIN rail. The load-side output of the SSRs, depending on the model, is protected with a varistor or with TVS (transient voltage suppressor).


In the range of accessories for LOVATO Electric’s SSRs, it is worth noting the availability of the snap-on current monitoring modules on the front of the single-phase versions with heatsink. This accessory check that the current is within a range that can be set with a simple self-learning button and generates an alarm if the limits are exceeded.

There are also models with Modbus communication and temperature control function.

Finally, for versions without a heatsink, heatsinks are available, also with a fan, thermal pads and DIN rail adapter. In conclusion, LOVATO Electric’s solid state relays represent an important element in load control, completing LOVATO Electric’s product line related to the power control.