LOVATO Electric is committed to the maintenance of social, environmental and management standards of the highest level.
The policies and measures we have adopted are aimed at achieving the “Sustainable Development Objectives” set out in United Nations Agenda 2030.

The implementation of sustainability policies is extended to every person to promote the adoption of virtuous, responsible conduct within the company itself and in its local area.
The adoption of these principles, generation after generation, has made the company known for its attention to the ENVIRONMENT, PEOPLE and GOVERNANCE.


As part of our efforts to safeguard and protect the environment, LOVATO Electric has adopted advanced eco-efficient solutions, technologies and equipment, including:
Photovoltaic system: 1,390 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Gorle plant.
They generate 400,000 kWh/y, amounting to 15% of the company’s current electrical power consumption, and prevent the emission of 150,000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.
High efficiency plastic moulding presses with hybrid or electric power for a lower environmental impact.
In-house recycling of reject die castings. The rejects are partly used in new castings.
Sorted waste management: we have cultivated environmental protection practices among our staff by adopting sorted waste management and energy saving measures.


People and the society

LOVATO Electric has adopted the principles of respect for the individual, adding value to human capital and growing talent. Corporate welfare is a central issue, and our measures in favour of our employees and the society include:
Reserved places at the municipal kindergarten (500 m from the plant) for the children of our employees.
LOVATO Rest: company kitchen and canteen with 190 seated places and evening take-away service.
LOVATO Gym: gym for personal training, including yoga, Pilates and personal defence courses run by the company.
LOVATO Cafè: relaxation area with TV, table soccer, board games, magazines and books.

Numerous events to promote conviviality and physical exercise: trips to the mountains, winter sports, cycle rides, trekking and group runs.



LOVATO Electric is committed to the adoption of the principles of ethical conduct and legality, and works with full respect for the supply chain in the pursuit of high quality standards to improve stakeholder satisfaction.
The company has accordingly adopted the following principles:

LOVATO Electric‘s Corporate Policy documents its commitments to Quality, the Environment, Energy Efficiency and Health and Safety.