Programmable safety relay SRP series

The SRPMFA164 programmable safety relay is a standalone safety device that is able to handle all safety functions in a machinery or whole system.

The SRPMFA164 safety module is able to monitor and control safety circuits in applications including: light curtains, photocells, laser scanners, emergency stops, electromechanical interlocks, access interlocks, safety magnetic switches, RFID sensors, sensing mats or edges, two-hand operation of control devices, or sustained-action approval buttons. Complex systems can be handled through a multiplicity of I/O ports: 16 digital inputs are included, together with 4 single inputs for restart interlock, EDMs o single-input devices, 4 pairs of OSSD safety outputs, 4 status outputs and 4 test outputs.

The relay is fully configurable via SRPSW01 software that is downloadable free of charge from the website, thus allowing for simpler wiring and lower costs.