New thermomagnetic circuit breakers for trasformers SM1RT

LOVATO Electric expands the existing range of motor protection switches by introducing a new type of construction.

This version is dedicated to the control and protection of transformers.
The special feature of transformers is the high inrush current value at insertion, which could cause the intervention of magnetic protection of specific switches for the control and protection of motors.

SM1RT thermomagnetic switches have a magnetic threshold of 20 times the rated current, compared to 13 times the rated current of motor protection devices.

The new SM1Rs cover a range of currents from 0.1 to 25 A, have a very high interrupt capacity, up to 100 ka, and are certified culus.

The advantages of using SM1RT circuit breakers over traditional modular circuit breakers are considerable.

  • Thanks to the adjustable thermal intervention threshold and thermal compensation, accurate protection against overload can be achieved.
  • The intervention due to the overload current is not affected by the temperature of the installation and is therefore perfectly proportional to the current.
  • With the SM1RT magnetothermic switches, in case of intervention of the protections, it is possible to recognize the type of fault thanks to the TRIP position of the operating lever, which indicates the overload, or the red flag, which indicates a short circuit.
  • The operating knob can be locked in the OFF position with a padlock, ensuring an additional level of safety.

Protection switches for transformers can be completed with all accessories of the SM series, such as auxiliary contacts, signal contacts, releases, door interlocking handles and IP65 plastic enclosures.

The introduction of LOVATO Electric’s SM1RT circuit breakers offers an optimized solution for transformer control and protection, with advanced functionality and flexibility to meet specific needs.