New energy meters DMED341MID7E… for EV charging stations AC German Eichrecht approved.

LOVATO Electric proposal of DMED three-phase energy meters with direct insertion up to 80A with integrated RS485 communication interface is renewed with the addition of models specifically designed for AC electric charging stations.

The new DMED341MID7E… codes are all MID-approved up to 70°C and incorporate a programmable static output. The codes are German Eichrecht approved.

The following codes are distinguished:

  • DMED341MID7E: is approved according to the German Eichrecht calibration law and therefore includes the digital signature function.
  • DMED341MID7ER: in addition to the features of DMED341MID7E (Eichrecht) code, is also MID approved for the energy produced by the system and not just for the one consumed, therefore made for all those applications where bidirectional energy pricing is needed (e.g. V2G).

All new codes are approved for the 2023 revision of the MID Directive, with much more strict requirements than the previous version, as well as MIR
(which is the equivalent MID certification in the British UKCA world).

The new DMED341MID7E… codes complete the range supporting the existing DMED301MID7 for AC columns that do not require German Eichrecht certification.