LOVATO Electric presents the new GLD switch disconnectors series specific for photovoltaic applications

The offer of LOVATO Electric’s range of switch disconnectors is getting wider with the introduction of a new type of specific products for photovoltaic applications
up to 1500VDC.

The new switch disconnectors can be actuated directly or used with a door interlocked handle and feature a wide range of accessories for all installation requirements.

LOVATO Electric has registered for a patent for the innovative power poles control technology; whose contacts, designed to complete switchings extremely quickly and safely, allow these devices to be used in category DCPV-1 with a load of up to 315A at 1500V.

DC switch disconnectors are mainly used as switching devices to break and isolate the circuit between the single string of solar panels or batteries or as a main switch for the entire photovoltaic system.

These switches allow you to perform maintenance operations on the photovoltaic systems with totally safety conditions up to 1500VDC.

By the means of the transparent windows placed on the front of the products, it is possible to check the open or closed status of the power contacts.

GLD switch disconnectors can also be fitted with handles (available separately) for direct operation or door interlocked by installing an extension shaft.

All versions have integrated padlock fittings and are available with the highest protection ratings on the market (IP66, IP69K and NEMA 4X).

The door interlock handles are available with shafts of various lengths; in order to prevent the inclination of very long shafts from causing interference with the doors, an accessory is available to support and perfectly guide the shaft into the handle while closing the door.

To satisfy every installation requirement, along with the accessories above mentioned, a range of terminal lugs, auxiliary contacts, terminal covers and phase barriers are also available. The terminal lugs are screw-mounting, while no tools are required to install the other accessories, since they securely snap on so that the installation is quick and easy. The compactness and wideness make this series the ideal solution for switching applications in photovoltaic field.