LOVATO Electric updates its existing range of contactors.

LOVATO Electric updates its existing range of contactors with a new construction size. The new contactors are rated 265A, 330A e 400A AC-3 (400V) for motor control applications, 450A, 500A e 600A in AC-1 category. They are available in both 3- and 4-pole versions.

The new size, to better adapt to market needs, is the most compact currently on the market; the 3-pole contactors are just 140mm wide, like the equivalently rated moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB), allowing the quick assembly of compact starters.

The new contactors have an electronically controlled AC/DC coil for greatly reduced consumption and a wide nominal voltage range (e.g. just one coil for 100…250V AC/DC), which ensures operation without uncertainness, even under strongly varying supply voltage conditions.

The coil power terminals are 4: 2 can be wired on the top side of the contactor and 2 on the bottom side, for a more comfortable connection. Both coils and power contacts are also available as spare parts and are easy to replace when necessary.

The low profile front-mounted auxiliary contacts enable quick and easy wiring. Up to 6 contacts can be mounted on the 3-pole contactors, and up to 8 on the 4-pole contactors. In addition, up to 8 contacts can be mounted on the side faces.

A variety of accessories are available to facilitate the assembly of functional and safe panels: power terminal protections, isolating phase barriers, terminal enlargement kit to connect large wires and lugs and a connection kit for assembling changeover, reversing and star delta starters.

A horizontal mechanical interlock mounts flush between the two contactors without increasing the assembly’s overall dimensions. The interlock is also available in a vertical version.

Convenient fixing to the panel is achieved thanks to the easy access of the fixing holes and an accessory for tightening the terminal screws with just one tool. A front-mounted mechanical indicator shows whether the contactor is open or closed.

The BF265, BF330, BF400 contactors are compliant with stringent railway regulations for operation under shock and vibration (IEC 61373), and the plastics used in their construction are compliant with the fire behaviour requirements of EN 45545. They are also cULus certified.