LOVATO Electric Installs an Anechoic Chamber in its
Research and Development Laboratory

LOVATO Electric proudly announces the installation of a modern anechoic chamber at the LOVATO Lab in Bergamo, Italy. This chamber is dedicated to verifying the emissions and radiated immunities of their electronic devices.

This state-of-the-art facility provides LOVATO Electric with numerous advantages, including accelerated development of new products and enhanced expertise in electronic device design. Independence from external laboratories, avoiding often lengthy wait times, will enable rapid validation and certification of products.

The anechoic chamber is designed to shield test objects from the external electromagnetic environment. Composed of steel panels, ferrite tiles, and pyramids, the chamber prevents electromagnetic waves from entering and the internally generated electromagnetic field from escaping.

Tests conducted within the anechoic chamber include radiated immunities and emissions. By using a generator, amplifier, and antenna, an electromagnetic field is generated to ensure that products are not disturbed by electromagnetic interference. A receiver and antenna measure the electromagnetic field generated by the test sample to ensure it does not cause interference to surrounding objects.

LOVATO Electric’s anechoic chamber has external dimensions of 9 x 5.4 x 6 meters (length x width x height) and allows for testing with a reference distance of 3 meters. Furthermore, two additional rooms have been created: a control room and an amplifier room to ensure an optimal environment during tests.

LOVATO Electric has made a targeted investment to cover a wide range of frequencies. The acquired instruments can reach frequencies up to 6GHz, while the anechoic chamber provides shielding up to 20GHz. LOVATO Electric is now at the forefront of controlling radiated emissions and immunities.

This new strategic asset once again confirms LOVATO Electric’s commitment to the development of high-quality and technologically advanced products.