Soft starter ADXN… series

The ADXN series simple, compact and functional.

ADXN series soft starters are ideal for applications which demand a simple, compact and easy to configure solution for gradually starting and stopping motors.
Their versatility makes them adaptable to a variety of applications, including pump, fan, conveyor and compressor control, and they are available with current ratings from 6 to 45A.

The ADXN product range is composed of the most compact 6 – 45A soft starters in the LOVATO Electric lineup, with a width of just 45 mm, divided into 2 construction sizes depending on their current rating.

They stand out for their ease of configuration, which enables quick and user-friendly set up of a reduced number of parameters, thus reducing commissioning time to a minimum.

They are ideally suited to a variety of applications, including pump, fan, compressor, conveyor and mixer control.

The entire range is rated for a wide range of line voltages, running from 208 to 600 VAC nominal, which makes them compatible with any market, including North America, without the need to manage different codes to match the voltage of the installation. ADXN soft starters are available with two control voltages: 24 VAC/DC, typical of automation systems, and 100-240 VAC, ideal for pump control systems, among others.

Quick and simple


Quick and simple

Ideal solution for those who need a soft starter with basic functions and extremely simple to configure, with the only purpose to control the gradual starting and stopping of a motor.
Just 3 parameters, configurable with the front potentiometers:

– starting voltage
– acceleration ramp
– deceleration ramp

3 potentiometers for basic settings

• starting voltage: 30-80%U
• acceleration ramp: 1-20s
• deceleration ramp: 0-20s

2 relay outputs

OUT1: line contactor control (run)
OUT2: Top Of Ramp (TOR)

Quick and simple

Smart and flexible

  • NFC connectivity enables device configuration using a smart device with the LOVATO NFC App, available for Android and iOS.
  • User-friendly: the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to identify parameters via its menu structure.
  • Accurate, repeatable settings.
  • Password protection.
  • Factory set to control scroll compressors, as used in air conditioning, chiller and heat pump applications.
  • Flexible: all parameters can be modified via NFC to control any application: pumps, fans, conveyors, etc.
  • Settings can be saved on the smart device and then copied to other ADXNF without losing time – ideal for programming series of devices.

NFC connectivity for configuration

• initial voltage step
• acceleration ramp
• deceleration ramp
• step down voltage and off deceleration step
• relay output functions
• protection thresholds
• password
• alarms

2 relay outputs

programmable (line contactor control, Top Of Ramp – TOR, global alarm, specific alarm)

Quick and simple

Optical port CX04

High performance, integrated motor thermal protection, optional RS485

  • Parameter configuration with the front potentiometers or NFC connectivity via smart devices with the LOVATO NFC App, available for Android and iOS.
  • Integrated electronic motor thermal protection, with configurable separate thermal classes for starting and running.
  • Starting ramp control with current limit, with automatic adaptation to the load.
  • Password protection.
  • Front optical port for the connection of USB and Wi-Fi monitoring and programming devices.
  • Optional RS485 (Modbus-RTU) communication module for integration into a control and supervision system.
  • Compatible with Xpress configuration software and LOVATO NFC and SAM1 Apps.

3 potentiometers for basic settings

(starting voltag, acceleration ramp, deceleration ramp) can be overridden by NFC

2 relay outputs

programmable (line contactor control, Top Of Ramp – TOR, global alarm, specific alarm, maximum torque)

IR optical port

• CX01 USB device
• CX02 Wi-Fi device
• CX04 RS485 module

Quick and simple

ADXNP soft starters can also be equipped with the optional RS485 (CX04) communication module for connection to a Modbus-RTU master like a PLC or HMI, or for integration into a monitoring and supervision system, an increasingly important requirement in recent years with the adoption of Industry 4.0.

The front optical port enables connection of optional USB (CX01) and Wi-Fi (CX02) communications devices for programming, data downloads and diagnostics with a PC.

Quick and simple

LOVATO Electric’s new ADXN soft starters are cULus, EAC compliant.

Their ease of use and compact footprint makes them the ideal solution for motor protection and control, especially for panels with limited space.