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RCM certification for VLB3 and VLBX

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RCM certification for VLB3 and VLBX

A new and important achievement for the oceanian market

VLB3 variable speed drives and VLBX accessories are now officially RCM certified, adding a relevant quality label for Australia and New Zealand.

VLB3 and VLBX accessories RCM certification

VLB3 are three phase variable speed drives that find multiple applications: packaging industry, pumps, conveyance machinery, food processing, fans and many more.


  • three-phase supply input 400-480 VAC
  • power ratings from 0,4 to 75 kW
  • compact size and side-by-side installation
  • PID function and sequencer (cycles)
  • sensorless (open loop) or closed loop vector control
  • built-in EMC filters
  • removable keypad
  • built-in RS485 for ModBUS-RTU communication and further options for Fieldbus
  • programming, monitoring and diagnostics from PC via USB or Wi-Fi
  • modules are available to equip the drive with the most common fieldbus systems, including PROFIBUS and CANopen.

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