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December 2017
New type 3 surge protection devices SA31NA ... series
Lovato Electric expands its range of surge protection devices with new Type 3 models for electronic equipment power protection. [...]
November 2017
Class B residual current circuit breakers
The range of RCCBs has been extended with the new "type B" version, which is covering all conditions already covered [...]
May 2017
LED Monoblock Pilot Lights
The new LED monoblock pilot lights are here and they come in 5 different colours. Made in Italy proved quality makes the new [...]
May 2017
Three-pole BF…E electronically controlled contactors
The new BF40E ... BF80E contactors feature electronically controlled coil, either powered in AC or DC, and a wide operating [...]
May 2017
VLB3 variable speed drives available as modular kits
Three phase VLB3 variable speed drives are now available as modular kits, combining different power, logic and control units, [...]
May 2017
Synergy V. 7.0 - new release
Synergy updates to version 7.0 with important graphic and functional updates. The new release is available for free to all [...]
April 2017
Sm… series motor protection circuit breakers
The new SM series… motor protection circuit breakers are here and they’re completely renewed in every range of [...]
March 2017
LPZM - metal control stations
New LPZM metal control stations are sturdy, robust and fit for the most demanding applications. The new control stations [...]
February 2017
DMED301 - energy meter
Measure the modular way! DMED301 is the new energy meter of the DMED series, suitable for 3ph systems, direct connected up to [...]
January 2017
PMVF60 interface protection system
PMVF60 is an interface protection system (IP) developed in accordance with the SHAMS DUBAI – DRRG Standards Version 2.0 [...]
December 2016
ATL 100 - automatic transfer switch controller
Modular. Compact. Reliable. LOVATO Electric extends its range of automatic switch controllers with the new ATL100. ATL100 is [...]
November 2016
Synergy Cloud – new software release
Synergy Cloud is the solution for checking and viewing energy data and status information collected by LOVATO Electric control [...]
November 2016
40 - 80A contactors in AC3
The new contactors suitable for rated current from 40 to 80A in AC3 and from 70 to 115A in AC1 of LOVATO Electric are now [...]
October 2016
Direct-on-line starters in enclosure with protection circuit breaker
The M2 P009 11... direct-on-line starters are composed of an IP65 plastic enclosure where the following devices are mounted: [...]
October 2016
BFK 40-50Kvar contactors for power factor correction
BFK… series are specific new contactors for controlling PFC capacitors. BFK… series contactors are available with [...]
September 2016
Synergy – new software release V.6
LOVATO Electric Synergy V.6 is here and available for purchase as a full version or as an upgrade from version 5. New features [...]
September 2016
48VDC switching power supplies
LOVATO Electric is pleased to announce that its range of switching power supplies has been extended with the new 48VDC output [...]
September 2016
Redundancy modules
The PSLR redundancy modules are able to ensure additional protection to a possible fall of the supply voltage at 12 or 24VDC. [...]
September 2016
EXCRDU1 remote display
LOVATO Electric extends the current offer fot the ADXL soft starters series and VLB3 variable speed drives series with the new [...]
July 2016
P1RA residual blocks
Here’s the new P1RA series of residual blocks, expanding the range of LOVATO Electric’s circuit protection modular [...]
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