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Direct-on-line starters in enclosure with protection circuit breaker

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Direct-on-line starters in enclosure with protection circuit breaker

The M2 P009 11... direct-on-line starters are composed of an IP65 plastic enclosure where the following devices are mounted:

  • a motor protection circuit breaker type SM1R... with the short circuit and overload protection function
  • a contactor with start / stop function of the motor
  • 2 push-buttons for the start and stop
  • a mushroom push-button for the emergency stop
  • a padlockable rotary actuator, that operates the circuit breaker, for the isolation.

These starters are easily and quickly installable.
They are especially suitable to operate the motor of smaller machines where there is no electrical panel.
Inside the enclosure, other components can be added like timers, level relays, protection relays, etc.

Operational characteristics

  • M2… - 2 knockouts PG13.5/M20 or PG16/M25 on enclosure top and bottom
  • Ambient conditions:
    - Operating temperature: -25...+60°C
    - Storage temperature: -40...+70°C
  • Degrre of protection: IEC IP65, type 4/4X for UL version.

Certifications and compliance
Certifications obtained: EAC.
Compliant with standards: IEC/EN 60947-1, IEC/EN 60947-4-1.

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