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Order code BF38T4D060
Weight [g]665
Qty. per package1
Multiple qty. of packs per order 1
Package dimensions [mm]100X076X115
Volume [cm³]874
Bar code [EAN13]8013975166987
HS Code85365080
Wiring diagram
IEC/EN 60947-1
IEC/EN 60947-4-1
UL 60947-1
UL 60947-4-1
CSA C22.2 n° 60947-1
CSA C22.2 n° 60947-4-1
Data Sheet  | Download Data Sheet
Product designation Power contactor
Product type designation BF38
Contact characteristics
Number of poles nr. 4
Rated insulation voltage Ui V 690
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp kV 6
Operating frequency
Operational frequency min Hz 25
Operational frequency max Hz 400
Conventional free air thermal current Ith A 56
Operating current
Operational current AC1 (≤40°C) A 56
Operational current AC3 (≤440V ≤55°C) A 38
Operational current AC4 (400V) A 15.5
Rated operational power AC1 (T≤40°C)
230V kW 21
400V kW 36
500V kW 45
690V kW 62
Rated operational power AC3 (T≤55°C)
230V kW 11
400V kW 18.5
415V kW 18.5
440V kW 18.5
500V kW 20
690V kW 22
Short-time allowable current for 10s (IEC/EN60947-1) A 320
Protection fuse
gG (IEC) A 63
aM (IEC) A 40
Making capacity (RMS value) A 380
Breaking capacity at voltage
Breaking capacity 440V A 304
Breaking capacity 500V A 240
Breaking capacity 690V A 192
Resistance per pole (average value) mΩ 2
Power dissipation per pole (average value)
Power dissipation pole (average value) Ith W 6
AC3 W 2.9
Tightening torque for terminals
min Nm 2.5
max Nm 3
min Ibft 1.8
max Ibft 2.2
Tightening torque for coil terminal
min Nm 0.8
max Nm 1
min Ibft 0.8
max Ibft 0.74
max number of wires simultaneously connectable nr. 2
Conductor section
min 14
max 6
Flexible w/o lug conductor section
min mm² 2.5
max mm² 16
Flexible c/w lug conductor section
min mm² 1
max mm² 10
Flexible with insulated spade lug conductor section
min mm² 1
max mm² 10
Power terminal protection according to IEC/EN 60529 IP20 when wired
Auxiliary contact characteristics
Operational current AC1 (≤40°C) A 56
Operating current DC13
110V A Screw / DIN rail 35mm
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature
min °C -50
max °C 70
Storage temperature
min °C -60
max °C 80
Max altitude m 3000
Operating position
normal Vertical plan
allowable ±30°
Mounting Screw / DIN rail 35mm
Weight g 0.665
Mechanical life Cycles 20000000
Electrical life Cycles 1400000
Safety related data
Performance level B10d according to EN/ISO 13489-1
rated load Cicli 1400000
mechanical load Cicli 20000000
Mirror contats according to IEC/EN 609474-4-1 yes
EMC compatibility yes
DC coil operating
DC rated control voltage
min V 6
DC operating voltage
min %Us 0.8
max %Us 1.25
min %Us 0.1
max %Us 0.40
Average coil consuption ≤20°C
in-rush W 5.4
holding W 5.4
Max cycles frequency
Mechanical operations Cycles/h 3600
Operating times
Average time for Us control
in AC
Closing NO
min ms 8
max ms 24
Opening NO
min ms 5
max ms 15
in DC
Closing NO
min ms 54
max ms 66
Opening NO
min ms 14
max ms 17
UL technical data
Full-load current (FLA) for three-phase AC motor
at 480V A 40
at 600V A 32
Yielded mechanical performance
for single-phase AC motor
at 110/120V hp 3
at 230V hp 7.5
for three-phase AC motor
at 200/208V hp 10